Being environmentally friendly is one of our objectives, we’ve joined teams with Green Salon Collective to help us reduce and recycle our hair waste. This means a discretionary £1 surcharge is added to our treatments, if you would not like to pay this, no worries, please inform us at your appointment and we will take this off your final payment.

Allergy Alert Tests

An allergy patch test is needed for all new clients and some of our existing ones. We will usually do this on your first appointment and record it to our files so if you fancied something different with one of our products one visit, we would be able to do this for you. 1x1cm of colour is placed on the crook of your elbow and wiped off after a length of time.

Finishing Service

We want you to leave your appointment with silky smooth and stylish hair, therefore when making your appointment it will be accompanied by a finishing service of your choice.

Cancelation Policy

We understand life can change suddenly, if you can’t make your appointment we would love it if you could call us so we are able to rearrange for you.

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